Shamwari Photo Gallery


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit one of South Africa’s best game reserves, Shamwari, thanks to my friends at “Grom It” surf magazine! Shamwari is a huge game reserve that gives their animals a spacious and natural environment.



I have always loved animals so much and so does my dad so this was really special for us. We stayed one night in the Bayete lodge which was beautiful and we went on two long game drives with our very knowledgeable ranger, David.


David and I in front of the safari vehicle


Dad in his element enjoying a chilly morning in the wild


Game reserves are important because they protect endangered animals like rhinos from poachers and give them a more natural environment than a zoo. This makes for happier healthier animals.


White rhinos


White Rhinos are actually meant to be called Wide Rhino because they have have wide lips compared to the Black Rhino which is also not Black. They are the same color and their coloring depends on what dirt they roll in not their skin. Their names just came from language barriers.





A Giraffe in an African sunset

One thing that many people don’t know is that giraffes are experiences a silent extinction. People are not aware of this but it needs to be recognized.

National Geographic “Inside the Fight to Stop Giraffes’ ‘Silent Extinction’”


A mother cheetah with her four babies!


Road block!


The boss man – Huge bull elephant

We came across one rhino with a tiny baby. It was one of the most adorable sights I have ever seen. The mother let us get close and the baby was so curious it came right up to the car! It was the cutest thing ever! One heavy thing that David told us is that if things don’t change dramatically that baby rhino will never get to breed. Rhinos will be extinct in 10 years if poaching continues.


This is why game reserves like Shamwari are important. They hire top-notch soldiers to protect the animals from poachers 24/7.  Davids goal is to try and make game reserver the popular thing to do amongst influential people and if the people who are buying rhino horns and elephant tusks can see this than hopefully they will rather see it on the living animal then as a useless item. Rhino horns are sold illegally as a status item and also for medicinal value but are proven to be made as the same stuff as our nails and hair which has no medicinal value!


Cutest baby!




teenage boys

Shamwari was the most amazing experience and so inspiring to see how they are working to hard to protect the animals and the land. I can’t wait to go back someday soon!

All photos by me 🙂


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