My Trip to France for the #ROXYfitness Event in Marseille

Last week I jetted over to the opposite side of the earth to run, SUP, and yoga on the breath taking and historical shores of Marseille! This was the first time I had ever been to the east coast of France, so I was really excited to experience the Mediterranean. I was also extremely excited to meet up with my fellow Roxy gals, Justine Mauvin and Aimee Fuller!


JUS_4187 copie

On the day prior to the fitness event, we had the pleasure of exploring the Calanques Coastline off of Marseille by boat. With no wind, no clouds, and the temperature at 32°C (89°F) it was the perfect day for it! The white cliffs and clear, deep blue ocean created a landscape unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and definitely fulfilled all my mediterranean dreams. We spent all morning jumping (or backflipping) off of the boat and zipping from island to island.

ARR11794 copieJUS_4567 copieIMG_0545IMG_0550

To end our afternoon we came right into the bay on the boat and jumped straight onto some SUP’s for yoga on the water. This was my first time doing FloYo, it was a bit of a challenge to balance on the board, but I loved it! Floating over the gentle waves made for the most peaceful Shavasana I’ve ever ended yoga with! The next day we were all set and ready to take on a day of fitness.

ARR50494 copieARR12430 copie

To kick things off, we rolled out our mats for an hour of energizing yoga to and prepare our bodies for the day. I couldn’t believe the amount of women who showed up to join us, it was truly amazing to see all 1,320 yogis joined together on la plage!



Next, we laced up for the 6K run along the sea. You could feel the excitement of the crowd as everyone lined up at the start of the race, and I’m sure you could feel the ground shake as all 978 of us bursted through the ribbon at the sound of the start gun!


Lastly, my favorite event, the 3k stand up paddle in the Mediterranean Sea. I’m always inspired by the women who go out and try the SUP for the first time! The SUP is a great way to get in the water and cool off at the end of a long day.


To all the ladies who came out to share this epic day with us, merci! And to those of you who weren’t able to attend this time, keep and eye out for an upcoming #ROXYfitness event in your region and get amongst it! I can’t wait for my next events in Bali (Padma/Legian – July 30th), Thailand (Phuket – August 5th), and Hossegor (October 8th). If any of these locations sound like you, come out and join me, I’d love to meet you there!




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