My Favorite Moments from the Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2017

Perfect waves, crystal clear water, unending laughter, and 17 of the best team mates anyone could ask for. That’s what my trip to the Roxy Pro Gold Coast consisted of this year. Even when it seems impossible, each Roxy Pro is more amazing than the last. Now that it’s done and dusted and I’m the last Roxy girl standing at Snapper Rocks, I’m left with some alone time to reflect on all of the priceless memories we made.

Of all the amazing experiences in my 15 days on the Gold Coast, here are my top moments from the Roxy Pro 2017.

Photos by Caitlin Miers (@caitmiersphotography) unless stated otherwise.

Shooting with Herewith in Byron Bay

I arrived in Cooly on March 10th at 11:00 PM and found out that I was going to have a shoot the next day, so I woke up at 3:30 AM and headed to Byron with some of the Roxy crew. Although I was jet-lagged and running on four hours of sleep, I didn’t even feel tired because I was so excited. This was my second time shooting with Serena Lutton and the Herewith team. I really love the content they produce and it’s always such a breeze to work with Serena behind the lens. It was a perfect day for me to experience Byron for the first time and a nice way to kick off my trip.

WSL Awards

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

The awards were on the same day as the shoot, so we hurried back to Coolangatta to get ready to go. The WSL awards are pretty funny because you get to see all of the worlds best surfers dressed up in something other than board shorts. Besides that, it’s a really inspiring night that showcases the dedication and and hard work of the athletes on the tour. Tyler’s speech was amazing!

Surfing Snapper Rocks

Sunny skies and flawless rights with water temperature at a cozy 27°C. Need I say more?


Photo by Bosko (@boskophoto)


Cabarita Day Trip with the Roxy Girls

Being in the middle of the hustle and bustle at the Pro can get tiring, so we decided to escape the bubble and sneak off to Cabarita in search of empty beaches and lineups. We had a morning of waves and sunshine followed by sushi for lunch and down time at the Halcyon House.

Team Dinners

It can be pretty difficult to get all the girls in one place at one time during the day, (like I said earlier, there’s 17 of us) so team dinners are the best because we all finally rally together. We had the pleasure of enjoying Leone Humm’s (@leoneloveslife) delicious cooking for the second Roxy Pro in a row. Not only does her food taste and look amazing, but it also makes you feel amazing!

Roxy Fitness Event

In the days leading up to the fitness event it was safe to say everyone was pretty nervous about how crazy it was going to get. We were expecting lots of rain, the final day of the contest was going on at the same time, and the Roxy Party was later on that evening. We did get pretty rained out for majority of the day, but I actually really enjoyed it. Compared to the blazing sun and heat we had last year, the rain was nothing. In a way it kind’ve gave everyone something to laugh and talk about, and it created a cool, peaceful vibe for the Yoga. The weather was just another factor that proved how dedicated all the participants are, and to me it was really inspiring to watch some of the women go out in the pouring rain and give the SUP a go for the first time ever.

Watching Steph in the Final

All week we were talking about how amazing it would be if Steph took out the Pro, and with every heat she passed through we got more and more excited about the possibility becoming reality. When the results of the semi’s came in we were just wrapping up the fitness event so we hurried down to the comp site to watch Steph in her final. The beach was overflowing with spectators, luckily we were able to watch from above in a private area. I remember when the horn blew and Steph officially became the winner, the entire crowd inside roared and the structure started to shake with celebration (literally, it felt like the scaffolding could have broken). Needless to say, we were all stoked and inspired by steph’s incredible performance throughout the event, and to watch her go to town on some perfect snapper lines is something I’ll never forget. QS17_QuikPro_FinalsDay_Heywood-1404.jpg

Roxy Party

Sunday was a long, long day for the Roxy crew, so we were more than ready to unwind with the girls and enjoy some time on the dance floor. Traveling with the girls on shoots and for events has really taught me that it’s all about having fun, being true to yourself, and enjoying your time with your Roxy sisters. This was some quality time spent laughing and jamming out with one another, and that night I learned Bianca is an excellent dancing partner. Photos by Life Without Andy

Byron Day Trip with the Roxy Girls

The Pro had wrapped up but everyone was still in town, so we went for one last hurrah and took on a little day mission to The Pass. We spent a few hours in the water fooling around on longboards and soft tops until the blue bottles rolled in and chased us out of the water. It was definitely a sight to see Steph and Lee-Ann sliding around and ruling it on the 88 finless soft tops.


Today I’m bidding a bittersweet goodbye to the Gold Coast, but I’m leaving with precious memories and gratitude for this place and the people who made it unforgettable. My month and a half spent in Australia seemed to fly by and now it’s time for me to head back to my rock in the pacific.

I might have to say this has been my favorite Roxy Pro yet… but I’ll probably say the same after the France event too.

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